Altars of Infinite Obscurity

from by Serpentfyre



The first track from the forthcoming Serpentfyre "Illuminating Ruin" 10" vinyl EP.


Every step closer to thy atrocious...

Mysteries of evil and death
Radiant as the everburning hell
Where only a bleak sun illuminates
A lifelong demonical voyage of hate

This cursed sphere of decay and rot
It watches you with nightmarish snake eyes
Yet there is a deeper kind of darkness
In the middle of all this disgusting life

Its kingdom lies deep within us
Unbounded, irrational, primordial
The black of the blackest black
No solace for the ravaged souls

Cursed deliverance, poison or the rope?

God damn the day - Let there be darkness
God damn the night - Let no child be born

Fuck the world!
Wake the Serpent
To blast it with eternal blight
Let its last stars be extinguished

In this eternal sea of misanthropy
I dwell in a morbid castle of my dreams
Wet and bleak walls, decayed by time and flies
Decorated with skulls and rotten bones

Exhaling the melancholic and old hate
If only these walls could speak,
or to strangle you...

This cursed sphere of decay and rot
It watches you with nightmarish snake eyes
The great emptiness gnaws from within
Like lifeless bodies for the dragon below


from Illuminating Ruin, released September 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Serpentfyre Finland

Serpentfyre plays traditional black metal with influences taken from varying forms of its rich heritage, sometimes focusing more on aggression, barbarism and hatred, sometimes again more on atmosphere and more premeditated forms of worship, but moreover: our aim is to bring forth the mysteries of our multifaced redeemer to people. Let the Serpent arise. ... more

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